General Elections 2013

April 6, 2013

Brace yourself boys and girls, this year the government will change and the corrupt will be persecuted. Remember to vote early!


The Anti-ISA Rally

August 1, 2009

Well today is the first time i have ever participated in an actual Rally. The only other time, was when I went to Ibu Pejabat Polis Kuala Lumpur when Anwar was arrested.

It was tiring but I was amazed at the level of dedication we Malaysians have. Most of my friends do not even care. Start to talk about politics and they are all look away. At the rally, I saw three tudung clad girls with arms linked running away from the tear gas. I saw and older middled aged lady with her son, she couldn’t walk as fast but she was there! I offered salt to her but they already had their supply.

So congratulations to the people who went. You’ve made your voice heard. Stay strong and stay dedicated. To the other people sitting on the fence. Its time to take a stand. Love Malaysia, do something.

Perak State Assembly: A travesty indeed

May 7, 2009

Today is a black black sad sad day for Perak and Malaysia. Today is revealed the true Nature of those in Power. Today we see the state constitution being raped. When the Police are blatantly used to arrest, stop and even invade the sanctity of the State Assembly.  We are so very close to being in a dictatorship.

i am sad. so sad. My words are weak. My hopes are dashed. I fear the day when we do managed to oust BN in the next General Election, it will be for nought since it is clear now the extend of exactly how far they will go to grab power. They will not respect the wishes of the People. They do not respect the constitution. I bet they are willing to INVADE parliament itself.

*sigh* this is what we have become

Penasihat Umno jawab isu MB Perak

April 22, 2009

So I was reading malaysiakini and came across the article entitled “Penasihat Umno jawab isu MB Perak“. Honestly, I can comment much since I know zilch about law.  but it does sound like its alot of excuses for something that shouldnt have happened.

Whats the plan for Merdeka????

August 12, 2008

Some of the bloggers have decided on hanging their Malaysian flag upside down to signal their distress on the state of the country. I strongly disagree. I believe that as long as we have convictionmy voice and strength in our arms we can do something. I want to let my voice be heard.

I have enough of all the politicians.. of all the games, of all the words..  so help me figure out on what to do on merdeka eve? where should i go? what should I wear? I was thinking of just silently protesting. but how to let them know? all black? it wont work. Placards? maybe.

Back door or Front door? I say, “slide down the chimney”

August 10, 2008

Been reading a bit on Yahoo regarding Chandra Muzaffar’s statement on how undemocratic it would be for Anwar to take over the government through the back door.  Honestly, I don’t know the chap. Supposedly he was great on the initial reformasi movement. I am sure he is still in support of reformation. But I suppose he is a naive and idealistic chap.

Yea, it would be ideal for us to have a newly elected federal government. But do you honestly believe that is possible? With the BN machinery as it is, utilizing the people’s hard earned money by the way. We GOTTA break that EGG!!! I say, we take whatever steps neccesary, back door, front door, side door. Hell, I would break the damn chimney! Civil disobidience. Once that grasp is broken and all those corrupted put in jail, I say we change the bloody government every decade or so. I don’t want another BN and I dont want another Mahathir. No thank you.

What about you guys? What’s your take on the whole anwar’s subversive strategy?

Lets do the unthinkable

May 7, 2008

I am fed up already. This is what I say!

1) Lets do this already! Let Pakatan Rakyat form the Federal Government. NOTHING will change else.

2) If the monarchy doesn’t behave. I say get rid of them. I am a malay and I don’t care about derhaka. I say their time is up. I for one prefer a parliamentary democracy minus monarchy.

Election Fever: Gossips and Updates

March 8, 2008

The Malaysian General Election Updates…

keep on visiting this blog. I will update periodically as time goes by. sorry.. malaysiakini is down, probably blocked

Barisan Nasional Big Guns:

  1. Pak Lah wins with majority of 11,000 votes.
  2. Najib wins with majority of 26,000 votes
  3. Koh Tsu Koon, Gerakan President and Penang Chief Minister lost! His statement on utusan here.
  4. Ong Ka Ting won. updated. confirmed.
  5. Samy Vellu lost. confirmed. utusan article
  6. Rafidah Aziz won. confirmed. Utusan article.
  7. Shahrizat Lost
  8. Awang Adek lost.
  9. Hishamuddin wins
  10. Khairy Jamaluddin wins 26,000 vs 20,000 (estimate)
  11. Syed Hamid wins
  12. Mukhriz wins
  13. MIC Sothinathan loses

Opposition Updates:

  1. Wan Azizah won
  2. Nurul Aziza, daughter of Anwar Ibrahim won
  3. PAS Abdul Hadi Awang menang
  4. Khalid Ibrahim won
  5. Nik Aziz wins
  6. Harun Din loses

sources: malaysiakini and my sister’s media friends.

btw.. there are 24,000 postal votes so dont be too happy yet

State News:

  1. PAS wins Kelantan. confirmed. Utusan article.
  2. DAP wins Penang. confirmed. Utusan article. DAP Lim Guan Eng will be Chief Minister
  3. BN wins Terengganu. confirmed.
  4. PAS wins Kedah. confirmed. Utusan article.
  5. OPPOSITION wins Selangor. unofficial n unconfirmed. PKR Khalid Ibrahim will be Chief Minister
  6. BN wins big in Sarawak, losing only Kuching
  7. BN wins all seats in Perlis.
  8. BN wins SABAH. Utusan article.
  9. BN wins Melaka. Utusan article.
  10. OPPOSITION might win Perak… soon.
  11. BN wins Johor
  12. BN wins Negeri Sembilan
  13. BN wins Pahang

can anybody update me on whether MIC has won any seats? are we seeing an end to MIC?


November 25, 2007

Its been a loooong while since I posted anything here.

so whats wrong with the headline? Do I hate Indians? Yes. Am I prejudiced against Indians? Yes. Do I have Indian friends? Yes. Am I ashamed that I hate Indians? Yes.

Teargas @ hindrafThen, Why? Why do I hate Indians? The list could go on and on. But really, I do not know why I hate Indians. Actually I don’t really hate Indians, I just don’t like them as much as Chinese. And I don’t like Chinese as much as Malays.This, I blame the government. Yes, They taught me to hate the other races and it saddens me and I regret that I feel the way I feel. I am aware of my prejudice and I do make an effort to change.

So, lets take a look at what happened today. I am at work and blogging illegally from work. This is because I am angry and sad.


I SUPPORT the Hindraf RALLY I support them because We all have a RIGHT to Voice our Concerns. I don’t support 100% what they are fighting for but I understand where they are coming from.

Lets face it, the Indians are pretty marginalized and there is a reason for that. I believe that the shackles of culture and tradition can be broken, but we need to be in the right environment.  Anyhow, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! go guys! You have my admiration. I am seething with anger too. How I wish I could go down there and join you guys.

Najib: Polls Not for Voicing Frustration

April 11, 2007

Voters must not use a by-election to voice their frustration by staying away or choosing the opposition, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Quoted from the Star article on Wednesday 11 April 2007.

Excuse me, but it seems obvious to me that by-elections are the perfect avenue to show your displeasure. If BN wins, nothing changes but if BN loses, it would be a slap to the face. A call to buck up. For all the citizens who are deathly afraid of change, well since BN would still hold the majority, you don’t have much to worry.

on a different note, this reuters article was featured on Jeff Ooi. I find it interesting to realize, of course I am sure many of you guys out there would have already known. But it is new news to me.. that Pak Lah doesnt need to call for an election this year, he can wait for mid next year but hohoho Anwar is free to contest by April 2008.

Although Anwar isnt half as liberal as I would wish him to be, he does seem to be the strongest threat to BN. So I say, NO ELECTIONS!!! lets wait for Anwar.

However, I do realize that isn’t going to happen unless Pak Lah really is an idiot. So lets just hope that we can fight this war. We all know they are gonna play dirty. Lets just hope enough of US are brave enough that no matter what they do, they cannot stop us.